Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to Renew the Trademark?
How long does a Trademark registration last?
When I must file the Continuation Of Use and Renewal Declaration?
Will the United States Patent and Trademark Office contact me directly and request payment?
Will my registration be cancelled if I do not file a Renewal Declaration?
What is a declaration of Continued Use?
Must I fill the 8 Declaration if I don’t use Trademark?
What is a Declaration of excusable nonuse?
What must include in a Section 8 Declaration of Excusable Nonuse?
What must include in Continuation Of Use Declaration?
How will I know if Continuation Of Use Declaration has been accepted?
How may I send in my Order Form application?
How long will it take before I know if my application has been accepted?
Once my application is processed for a renewal, what will I receive?
Do I need to send proof that the mark is being used?
What type of image files does PTRC accept?
Do documents have any specific PDF requirements?
How can I see my trademark records?
What is an Incontestable registration?
What is an Incontestable Declaration?
Am I required to file an Incontestable Declaration?
Is there a particular time period for filling an Incontestable Declaration?
What I must include in Incontestable Declaration?
To what extent does the office examine a claim of Incontestability under §15?
What’s the difference between a trademark and a service mark?
What is the difference between TM and the R within the circle ®?
How can I check status of my Trademark?
How can I get trademark information on submitting a change of correspondence address?
What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?
Who can I contact if I have more questions about a trademark renewal?

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